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BlueCross Healthy Place At Pendergrass Park

BlueCross Healthy Place At Pendergrass Park Ribbon Cutting

Boosting Employee Morale and Retention: The Magic of CSR in Action

Group of employees in volunteer shirts outdoors

Sustainable Narratives: The Power of Play for Strategic Campaigns and Storytelling

Top View of Bee Themed Park with flowers and children playing on life-size bees.

Crafting Communities Beyond Commerce

Children playing on IMPACT Parks swing set

Creating Dynamic Community Hubs Through Tennis

USTA Tennis Facility in partnership with IMPACT Parks

Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship: The Role of Parks

Indianapolis Colts IMPACT Park playground grand opening

The Power of Parks: An Affordable Oasis for Communities in Tough Times

Mother and daughter climbing on IMPACT Parks BCBS playground

Establishing Strong Brand Sentiment Through Community Impact

IMPACT Parks BCBS Basketball and Tennis Courts

A Game-Changing Investment Opportunity for Private Foundations

Child on swing at BCBS and IMPACT Parks playground

Spreading Love Through Community Play

Kids hugging on tennis court
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