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Establishing Strong Brand Sentiment Through Community Impact: The Power of Parks

Posted on August 18, 2023

BCBS basketball and tennis courts

As corporations seek to bolster their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, they are increasingly recognizing the power of integrating their brand into the communities they serve. At IMPACT Parks, we've seen first-hand how meaningful, localized projects can strengthen brand sentiment and demonstrate genuine corporate commitment to improving local communities.

One of the most impactful ways that corporations can build positive brand sentiment is by creating shared, communal spaces — and there’s no better way than parks and playgrounds. These spaces do more than just beautify neighborhoods; they serve as essential venues for social interaction, play, exercise, and a host of health benefits that continue for generations to come.


Why Parks and Playgrounds

Creating a park is a visible, lasting commitment to a community. It shows that a brand cares about the physical spaces where their customers live and work. Parks and playgrounds foster community interactions, provide safe spaces for families, and promote an active, healthy lifestyle. They are open to everyone, demonstrating an inclusive approach to CSR.

Carolina Panthers logo on IMPACT Parks playground turf

The Power of Branding

Branding parks with your company's insignia subtly reinforces the connection between your brand and positive community experiences. Every time a child swings on a swing, families gather for a picnic, or joggers take their daily run, they associate those joyful moments with your brand.

Let's take an example. Imagine a leading tech company, TechSolutions, is looking to improve its brand sentiment. They partner with IMPACT Parks to build a playground in an underserved neighborhood. The brightly colored playground is branded with TechSolutions' logo, making it clear who funded the project. This branded playground now serves as a constant reminder of TechSolutions' commitment to the community both inside and outside the home. 

BCBS Healthy Place playground with branded signage

Success Stories

We have numerous stories of brands strengthening their community ties through park projects. For instance, a major health insurer, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Foundation, funded a series of local parks and playgrounds (called BlueCross Healthy Places) across the state, which quickly became the heartbeat of each of the communities in which they are based. The parks, equipped with their branding, provide a platform for children and adults alike to engage in various healthy activities. They have become a hub of health, vitality, and community spirit, with BlueCross BlueShield at the center.

Similarly, the Indianapolis Colts were seeking a meaningful way to make a difference in their hometown, and to create family-centered fitness opportunities.  Understanding the importance of reinforcing healthy behavior across generations, they sought something with multigenerational appeal where people of all ages could engage together. The area is designed to bring together people of all ages and fitness levels and to encourage them to be more active together. It is estimated to serve more than 30,000 families a year.

Colts branding includes signage and their team name and logo embedded in the surfacing. Their involvement has positively affected their brand sentiment, linking their brand with community enrichment and multigenerational healthy behaviors.

Indianapolis Colts branding on IMPACT Parks fitness equipment

Join Us

At IMPACT Parks, we strongly believe in the power of community-based projects to establish a positive brand sentiment. By investing in parks and playgrounds, corporations can foster a strong sense of community, promote health and well-being, and - most importantly - bring joy to the neighborhoods they serve.

Remember, when your brand is associated with the laughter of children at play, or the togetherness of community gatherings, it becomes more than just a corporate entity. It becomes a cherished part of the community fabric.


Contact IMPACT Parks to discuss your company's goals.

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