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The Indianapolis Colts were seeking a meaningful way to make a difference in their hometown, and to create family centered fitness opportunities. Understanding the importance of reinforcing healthy behavior across generations, they were seeking something with multigenerational appeal where people of all ages could engage together.

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Riverside Park, Indianapolis, IN
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Increase healthy activity and family togetherness in a branded space for people of all ages
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Free health equipment that is appropriate for the whole family and encourages multigenerational healthy behavior for 30,000 people annually.
Indianapolis Colts 40 yard dash

The Result

We partnered with the Colts, along with the Indianapolis Parks Foundation to build a 5,000-square-foot timed obstacle course and 40-yard dash for children, adults and families. Adjacent to the course is a dedicated fitness area for adults with rugged outdoor equipment like chest press machines, ellipticals, chin-up bars and other strength and conditioning equipment. Adding the timers to the obstacle course and the 40-yard dash has created multiple opportunities for friendly family competition, multigenerational interaction and the ability to understand fitness improvements over time.

Colts branding includes signage and their team name/logo embedded in the surfacing, which also provides fall attenuation.

The Impact

The area is designed to bring together people of all ages and fitness levels and to encourage them to be more active together. It is estimated to serve more than 30,000 families a year.

outdoor fitness complex

Lasting Impact

We are very excited to open the first fitness at Riverside Park provides a safe play space for children and families in the Riverside community.

Kelen Jackson
Colts Vice Chair and Owner

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