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Riley Fields, Director of Community Relations for the Carolina Panthers came to us with a unique proposal. The team wanted to create a way to encourage youth to get off the couch, away from screens, and outside, participating in a fun new type of activity that would engage teens, adults, as well as even parents and adults. They described it as a TV-inspired obstacle course, combined with the NFL combine, but it had to be achievable, so that people didn't need to be super athletes to participate. The team also wanted to be sure the 40 yard dash was incorporated so that children could test their skill against their favorite football players’ time. They also wanted to incorporate their brand into the space to demonstrate the Panther’s commitment to community health and wellness.

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Hornet’s Nest Park, Charlotte, NC
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Create a obstacle/football themed outdoor active space that appealed to families
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Additional courses are being planned to bring the concept to more underfunded communities
Panthers 40 Yard Dash Fitness Park

The Result

The request led to the creation of the Challenge Course, a competitive activity that develops coordination and physical activity for people of all ages and abilities. The space was designed to appeal to kids who have aged out of traditional 12 and under playground equipment, while still being inclusive of families. Obstacles were designed to offer several ways to traverse, so the user could feel successful on the first try, but also incorporate new skills as their ability grew. The Panthers name and logo were incorporated in several places and the equipment was designed in team colors.

The Impact

Bringing together three passions for youth, obstacle courses, football, and the beloved Panther team, the original site is one of the most active areas of the park and additional Panthers’ Challenge Courses are being planned.

Panther's Play Space

Lasting Impact

This new Challenge Course marks a great opportunity for the families of Charlotte to get out and get some exercise and fresh air together in a fun, competitive way. We’re proud to be the first to install this brand new innovation.

Riley Fields
Director of Community Relations
Carolina Panthers

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