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It's no secret that healthy schools are an essential part of fostering student success. Research shows that children who have access to nutritious food, physical activity, and a supportive environment are more likely to thrive academically and socially. Unfortunately, not all schools have the resources or support to create such environments, but with the help of dedicated partners, this is changing. 

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11 schools across the state of Mississippi
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Promote physical activity, foster healthy lifestyles, nurture emotional growth, boost self-esteem, enhance student behavior through positive recess experiences, and elevate overall academic performance.
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More than 3,400 students across Mississippi now have brand-new, state-of-the-art playgrounds to enjoy for many years. In total, the program impacted 58,300 square feet of new play spaces, and created sustainable healthy environments across 11 schools, fostering active lifestyles among children. In addition to the new play equipment, our team trained more than a dozen PE teachers on how to program the space for recess and PE classes, maximizing movement and activities.
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The Result

This project resulted in creating sustainable healthy school environments in 11 schools through playground grants.  These custom play spaces, designed and built by Impact Parks, encourage kids to move more while playing and help combat childhood obesity to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Each design includes the 6-key elements of play, found within the PlayOn! Design guide, written by PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research, and Education (CORE.) From the exhilarating spin to the daring brachiating, the delicate balance, the thrilling slide, the adventurous climb, and the rhythmic swing—each element contributes a distinctive dimension to the playground journey. By integrating these elements seamlessly, our designs not only captivate young hearts but also ensure that every moment spent in play is a dynamic and engaging exercise.

Each location received on-site physical education training and was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. By equipping teachers to promote both fitness and fun on the playground, we hope to encourage lasting change in these schools.

The Impact

More than 3,400 students gained new playgrounds, accompanied by specialized PlayOn training for over a dozen physical education teachers. This effort has led to the development of over 58,300+ square feet of new play spaces across Mississippi.

This initiative successfully created sustainable, healthy environments in 11 schools, where custom-designed play spaces by our team encourage children to stay active, combat childhood obesity, and embrace healthy lifestyles.

Each design includes the 6-key elements of play, found within the PlayOn! Design guide, written by PlayCore’s Center for Outreach, Research, and Education (CORE.) Each element contributes a distinctive dimension to the childhood development and growth.


Lasting Impact

Union Elementary School strives to accommodate the whole child, and productive play is an integral component in developing a child’s cognitive, social and physical skills. The new playground equipment provides abundant opportunities to support students’ needs through positive play experiences."

Hannah Wren
Principal Union Elementary School Union Public School District
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