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A Game-Changing Investment Opportunity for Private Foundations

Posted on August 15, 2023

Child on swing at BCBS and IMPACT Parks playground

Reimagining Rural Revitalization with IMPACT Parks

Private foundations have had a significant impact on society for decades. They have used their resources to support innovation, community well-being, and social improvement. Yet, the spotlight often remains firmly on urban initiatives, with rural regions, despite their vast potential, frequently overlooked. It's time for a paradigm shift.

The heartland of our nation, characterized by its rural areas and small towns, pulsates with potential. However, when comparing rural areas to their urban counterparts, the disparities can't be denied. While urban zones usually bask in the generosity of foundation investments, rural communities yearn for such transformative interventions.

Enter IMPACT Parks.

BCBS and Impact Parks grand opening ribbon cutting

The Reasons to Invest in Rural Communities?

Sustainable Community Growth: Parks and playgrounds are not just recreational spaces; they're hubs for community interaction, health, and local pride. They bolster local economies, enhance property values, and offer safe havens for families to gather.

Health and Wellness Benefits: Green spaces promote physical activity, decrease stress, and encourage holistic wellness. In areas that might lack comprehensive healthcare infrastructure, preventive wellness measures like parks can be game-changers.

Cultural and Historical Preservation: Many rural areas are steeped in rich cultural and historical traditions. Parks are ideal places to celebrate and preserve these stories, making them come alive for younger generations.

Kids running at Indianapolis Colts and Impact Parks playground

The IMPACT Parks Edge

Beyond the mere creation of parks, what sets IMPACT Parks apart is our commitment to data-driven impact measurement. We understand that for foundations, the return on investment isn't just financial; it's societal, cultural, and communal.

Our metrics do not just gauge the number of parks created or square footage covered. We dive deep into seven indicators of Community Vitality:

1. Social & Emotional Health 
2. Physical Health & Lifestyle Behaviors 
3. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion 
4. Community Engagement
5. Public Services 
6. Environment 
7. Education 

Grand Opening ceremony of BCBS and Impact Parks playground

A Call to Foundations

There's an adage that goes, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now." Similarly, the transformative power of investing in rural parks awaits realization. The palpable, lasting impact such investments can create – in health, economy, environment, and community spirit – is unparalleled.

IMPACT Parks invites private foundations to join hands in this journey of rural revitalization. Let's harness the potential of these areas, creating sustainable, impactful, and measurable legacies. Together, progress, prosperity, and parks are not only privileges for cities but for all communities.

Let's redefine rural landscapes, one park at a time.

For more insights into our impact metrics and collaborative opportunities, contact IMPACT Parks. We're more than ready to make an impact, together.

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